Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is the most popular video poker variant. The game got its name from the minimum hand you have to make to win: a pair of jacks or better. In English this is a pair of jacks or better. So if you have a single pair poker hand, it must be a pair of jacks, queens, kings or aces. All hands with a higher value will pay out your bet more than once. The highest payout is a royal flush where you can get the placed bet paid out up to 800 times. It is a casino game with a return to player (RTP) of 99.6%. At least this is the case when you stick to a perfect strategy while playing. This RTP makes it a casino game with the highest chance of winning.

Playing Jacks or Better Video Poker

The Jacks or Better video poker game is the most widely played worldwide. It is a game made by NetEnt and this is a manufacturer that has a good reputation. Not only are the games from this manufacturer fun to play, but they are also safe and very exciting. You will agree with us that the game is nicely made when you are playing. It is made in such a way that it is clear. This is also the case if you are playing on the mobile devices such as the smartphone and the tablet. In addition, the games are quick to play, which makes it a fun game if you have little time but still want to play a casino game.

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Jacks or Better from Netent Software

A developer of online casino games who has made a very good version of the video poker game is Net Entertainment. The game can be found in all Netent casinos online. The game is nicely designed, has the correct payouts and various functions that make playing easier. For example, you can activate fast play to speed up the game. It is also possible to indicate to always or never use the gamble feature. This also benefits the pace of the game. You can also set both the bet level and the coin value yourself. This makes it possible to play with bets from 10 cents to 50 dollars/euros per hand. What makes this Jacks or Better video poker variant special is that you can play with as many as 25 hands at the same time. These hands will all be the same though. So you don’t have to check for 25 hands which cards you want to hold.

Games with a 9/6 Payout

If you want to play the variant of video poker that we discuss in this review, you should look for a game with a 9/6 payout. The payouts for the different games of the same type can differ per developer. The best chance of winning is when a full house pays out 9 times and a flush 6 times. These are also called 9/6 games. This is the case with the Netent version that we have already discussed.

Multi-Hand Jacks or Better

Up to twenty-five hands can be played simultaneously in the game. Playing is easy. You start with the bet, of course, and it can be the highest five coins. Then the cards are dealt and it is up to you to decide which cards you want to keep and which cards need to be changed. Immediately the new cards are dealt and you can see if a profit has been made. If you have made a profit, it will be immediately credited to your account.

Jacks or Better Game Rules

In this multi-hand game you can gamble with multiple hands at the same time, minimum 1 hand and maximum 25 hands. You can bet on any hand, minimum 1 and maximum 5 credits. This makes the max bet 125 credits. Press “Deal” and you will be dealt 5 open cards. You can select any card to put “On hold”. You can put them all “On hold”, but that is not recommended. Any card that you don’t select to get stuck will spin again. If you play with multiple hands, these hands hold the same cards.

If you immediately have a winning hand with 5 cards, the online casino will automatically hold it for you. You can deviate from this by deselecting a card. You can do this to make an even better hand, such as a Flush instead of Jacks or Better. The game will automatically hold the two Jacks, but you can choose to de-select 1 Jack. Each hand is individually paid out according to the payout table. The winnings per combination are usually visible on the left side of the screen.

Video Poker Tip – Always Play Maximum Bet

It is also good to report that players at the highest bet level receive 4000 coins for a royal flush. This is a payout of 1 in 800. They have to bet 5 coins to play at this level. This payout is more than 1 in 250 on the other four levels. A good tip is to always try to play at the highest level. For example, you can better lower the coin value and increase the bet level. In the event that you are dealt a royal flush, you will make the maximum profit possible. With all other hands you will be paid exactly the same as the other bet levels.

Double Up Gamble Button

When you win, you can take an extra gamble by pressing the “Gamble” button. There you take a gamble by guessing the next card. A new window will open and 5 cards will be displayed. You can bet the winnings on the following card: will it be red or black? You can do this 5 times. If you guess wrong, you lose everything. In the meantime, you can stop at any time by pressing the “Collect” button.

Play Jacks or Better Free

To let you experience why this game is so popular, you can play the game completely free on this page. You will soon see why it is so much fun and why players choose this game. Playing video poker for free means that no real winnings can be made. If you would like to feel the thrill of playing for a real win, you can make a deposit. You can do this by pressing the button at the game. Then you will play at a safe casino. There is also the possibility to get free play money by using a bonus.

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