Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild is a game you will not forget right away. You will love to play this video poker variant for the simple reason it is a game that brings in nice winnings. On top of that it gives you real excitement. Take a look at the design of the game right away and you will immediately see that Deuces Wild is a game that makes an impression.

It is very nicely made and it is also clear and uncluttered. You don’t need to have played video poker very often to enjoy this game. Every effort has been made to allow the player to experience the real atmosphere of playing poker. If you start playing, this is a game that you will soon want to play more often.

Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild is a classic video poker variant that is very popular among casino players. It is the original variant that uses wild cards that can replace other playing cards. The name of the video poker game comes from the fact that the two are wild. You can see these cards as a kind of jokers that can pass for all kinds. The reason for the unprecedented popularity of this variant is due to the high RTP. A machine with the correct payouts already has a return to player of more than 99 percent by default. With the application of an optimal strategy you can even convert this percentage to your advantage. You therefore play with a higher chance of winning than the casino itself.

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Deuces Wild: Easy To Learn

If you are looking for a video poker game that is easy to learn, you will really enjoy this game. Because it is so clear you can immediately start playing. If you are completely new to playing, you only read the rules of the game with us on the website and then you start playing. This game is therefore ideally suited for the starting player. Still, this doesn’t mean the more experienced player won’t enjoy it. He will be especially surprised by the fresh look which makes it a completely different experience while playing.

Deuces Wild Video Poker: Netent and Microgaming

As we already mentioned, Deuces Wild has become a classic video poker game. Several developers of casino games have therefore ventured to develop this. In most online casinos you will find a version of Netent and Microgaming. Although the rules of these games are the same, you can expect differences. These differences are in the payment of prizes. Very important of course because this determines the RTP of a video poker game. Microgaming’s version has higher payouts for a wild royal flush, five of a kind and straight flush. For a full house and flush you get paid a little less. However, the payout for the first three hands is so much higher that the Microgaming version has a better return to player than Netent’s. A tip that we can give players is to play the variant of this developer.

Two’s are Wild Symbols

The main rule of the game in this video poker variant is the fact that both in the game are wild. You must always hold these cards. After a natural royal flush, a hand with four twos is the highest paying poker hand you can make. You will then receive your bet paid 200 times. The wild cards make it easier to make hands. For this reason, you have to make at least a three of a kind to win at all. There are also hands such as a five of a kind that are only possible in combination with a wild card. We also make a distinction between a natural and wild royal flush. The difference in payouts between these two hands is very big.

Return to Player: More than 100 Percent

On this site you will find various video poker tips. A very important tip is to adhere to the optimal strategy for each variant. This is highly recommended for Deuces Wild. With an optimal strategy in this game you can achieve a return to player of more than 100 percent. This means that your chances of winning as a player are higher than those of the casino. The difference is not very big. You can count on an advantage of 0.7%. Nevertheless, this is of course worthwhile.

Play Free Deuces Wild

Of course we can list all the options and we have already done so with the most important options. If you want to know what the game has to offer, it is good to play yourself. You can do this on this page and this is completely free. You can play as long as you wish. If you like the game and you want to have a chance to win real winnings, press the button at the game. You then play for real money and immediately have a chance to win real winnings.

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