All American Video Poker

All American is a classic video poker variant that can be played in several online casinos. Because it is a classic version of the game, there are several developers of casino games who have ventured into this version. However, there are some differences between the two versions. These are differences in the payouts and therefore also affect the RTP. We will discuss this further in the next section of this review.

The All American variant is characterized by higher payouts for a straight and straight flush. A tip to achieve an optimal strategy is to always go after these two hands. We will also discuss this tip in more detail in this review. Especially Americans with nationalistic feelings will be drawn to this video poker game. It has an American theme.

Play All American Video Poker

Players who start playing the All American video poker game often play for many hours. You may have already played some video poker games and you may have noticed that many games look the same. This game has a different fresh look and that makes it a completely different game. They are light and fresh colors and when you see the game you really want to play poker right away. In addition, this is a game that is easy to learn and which is suitable for both the starting and the more advanced player.

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Quick Start Playing

So you can quickly start playing. You do this by placing a bet. The betting that goes as you are used to with coins. It is possible to bet up to five coins. After betting the cards will be dealt and it can be indicated which cards have to be changed. The game has a table with the winnings per bet above the cards. You can also click on a column of the table to immediately place the corresponding bet. This does indicate how easy the game is to operate.

Netent and Microgaming Video Poker

Because we assume that you would like to play All American video poker in an online casino, you should know that there are two variants. These are the two main variations that can be found in most casinos online. There is one game developed by Netent and another one developed by Microgaming. There is a striking difference between these two games. The version of Netent looks a bit nicer but has lower payouts than the version of Microgaming. With the Netent variant, you only get paid out 90 times for a straight flush. This is quite nice, but with the Microgaming variant this is 200 times your stake. That is more than twice as much. We see this difference reflected in the payout percentages. For Microgaming this is 99.38%, while Netent only manages to get 98.1% payout.

Higher Straight and Flush Payouts

When you play this video poker game in an online casino, be the first to pay attention to the payouts. You want to play the Microgaming variant where a straight flush is paid 1 in 200. This is almost as much as a royal flush on bet levels 1 to 4. You also get paid more for a straight than is usually the case. For this poker hand you will get multiplied 8 times your stake. In most other video poker games this is only 4 times your stake. A flush is also slightly higher than normal. You will also be paid 1 out of 8 for these. Just like the payout for a full house. This is also lower than normal. They are three hands that have the same payout.

Video Poker Tips for All American Strategy

The strategy for this video poker variation is to go after hands that have a higher payout than normal. This definitely means trying to make a straight or a straight flush. The straight flush in particular pays out very high. In the Microgaming game this is 1 in 200. This is very high. Therefore, if you have a three-card draw to make a straight flush, it certainly pays to try to make this hand.

Play All American Video Poker Free

If you would like to try All American yourself before you start playing with real money, this is possible. You can do this by playing poker for free on this page. Play is then with virtual money. You can do this until you want to feel the thrill of playing with real money. To get real winnings, click the button when playing. You will be able to play for real money within a few minutes. Maybe you are the next player to make a nice profit with this video poker game.

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